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Residential Development, Isfield.

Crowther Associates Architects have submitted a Reserved Matters application for a new residential development in Isfield, East Sussex.

The proposed scheme is for 10no. dwellings within a rich landscape setting.  The two-storey dwellings, pitched roofs with gables to the street, deep window reveals and purposeful deep set entrances.  These are features of traditional building forms and relationships as found within the Parish. Traditional materials are to be used with a contemporary layering, of black timber cladding, projected and facing brick, alongside slate roofing.

The new dwellings will sit harmoniously with its landscape to create a rural and landscape-led street scene. By integrating buildings and landscaping, the development aims to provide connectivity between residents, their dwellings and the wider open rural landscape.

  • Sector: Residential
  • Project: Residential development Isfield
  • Location: Isfield
  • Status: Planning Submitted Oct 2020